More than just a Hosting Provider...

With's full featured services we'll take care of your WEB needs including Website Design and Hosting, Web Based Database solutions and more. Depending on your level of service we also supply great marketing tools like Awstats WEB Analytics Software for detailed Traffic Analysis.

Professional Website Design

Let Create or Recreate
- Professional design from scratch or from one of our many "pre-designed" templates. You can even have us customize one of our templates to give you an even more unique look.

- Is your current site outdated... did your original designer leave the country or leave your site "broken"... did a "friend of the family" design your site and you've come to the realization that it may be substandard? We can correct that pronto!

We'll take care of you down the road
- It is said a Website is a work in progress. An effective Website needs to reflect all changes your company makes. Of Course if your company is web based, then keeping it current goes without saying. Either way make it our job to keep your site up to snuff.

Just where is your data being kept?

World Class Data Center
Your Website and Data is stored on our Pentium 4 Linux class servers located in a safe, sound Carrier Class Data Center.'s clients enjoy these Data Center features:

• Highly Secure Guarded Facility
• 24/7/365 "NOC" Network Operations Center
• Redundant "Liebert" & "Data Aire" Conditioned Air Systems
• VESDA Early Warning Smoke Detection

• Multiple OC-12 SONET Rings
• Redundant Fiber Entry Points

• Massive (4000 amp service) Municipal Power Entry
• Redundant UPS Primary Backup Power Systems
• Secondary Backup provided by Diesel Power Generator

Virtual Private Server Hosting for Everyone !

Virtual Private Servers

Why get shoved into a shared server with 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 other account holders burning up the server's resources and leaving you with none. On a shared server visitors to your site may experience sluggish site response, or worse, no response at all. For probably less cost than an account on a shared server you can now have your own Virtual Private Server with guaranteed resources. Our VPS gives you the benefits of a dedicated server for less than the price of many shared server accounts.


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